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$20 Wad being flipped

Colfax Trading International is currently accepting new investors to participate in a rare opportunity to receive guaranteed profits in the Foreign Currency Exchange markets. CTI is a privately held international corporation with a group of experienced and financially successful traders. CTI is a regulated currency trading company with over 10 years experience. CTI has made over $120 Million over the last 5 years for its investors.

It used to be that this trading program was not available to the general retail public, and was utilized only by wealthy investors and investment companies. Until recently, the Forex market was the domain of banks, MNCs, large brokerage firms, and central banks. Now, under an exclusive agreement with international regulators and the Swiss banking authorities, CTI is able to offer investors the opportunity to take advantage of their expertise to trade the Forex market with as little as a few thousand dollars, and with margins low enough so that a small investment can realize high consistent returns, with no risk of loss. With over $370 Million under management and a proven track record, Colfax Trading International is able to guarantee the investor profits of at least 58% annualized, again with no risk of loss to the principal.

Key highlights--

  • Over $370 million under management
  • Guaranteed profits with no risk of loss

For more information simply contact us, and we'll have one of our traders call you as soon as possible.